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Foot traffic data
Accurate. Insightful. Anonymous.

It's easier than you think. 

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IoT Sensor Networks

In-situ data collection, using Avenue Intelligence's proprietary people counting sensors to measure walk-by numbers.

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From Data to Decisions

From our sensors to your dashboard, our tools give your team the foot traffic data they need to take action.

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Preserve Privacy

Our data collection is completely anonymous and no personally identifiable information is measured.

What gets measured gets managed.

Collecting foot traffic data doesn't have to be a pain.




Battery powered for effortless install

Long-range radio data transmission for seamless access

Detailed analytics for insights beyond numbers

Custom data reporting to meet your unique needs

Accurate counts because estimates aren’t good enough

The People Counting Solutions you Need.

Economic Development


Urban revitalization can be measured by tracking annual growth and changes in foot traffic patterns. We’ve got you covered in identifying low and high pedestrian activity areas that can inform development and planning priorities.
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Are you still collecting foot traffic data manually? Avenue Intelligence provides a cost-effective way to measure pedestrian traffic 24/7 for reporting, engaging and helping inform decisions for your infrastructure needs.



Track the vitality of your downtown by measuring the effectiveness of your investments.  Whether you’re investing in tables and chairs or special events, we’ve got your people counts covered from day to day to year over year. Share your community impact with confidence. 
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Quantify and showcase walk-by numbers to attract retail tenants and to optimize your maintenance and operations. 
Retailers & QSR

Retailers & QSR

Foot traffic data might be the missing part of your sales model, we can help you collect those numbers at your storefronts.  Avenue also gives you the option to collect data at prospective sites to help inform leasing decisions, and validate your assumptions. 


With accurate pedestrian counts you can generate reliable impressions and attribute audience to your OOH campaigns. 

How it works.

At Avenue Intelligence we install our sensors across a city or a business’s locations. Our proprietary sensors count passing pedestrians using passive-infrared for anonymity, tracking direction of travel and walk-by timing. The counts are continuously and automatically streamed to your dashboard via long-range radio signal (LoRaWAN) and our internal APIs. From there, predictive analytics, weather data, demographics and comparative trends all provide additional context for your decision making.